Try something new

Three words that could affect your life more than fairy dust that has been sent to you from heaven. Have you ever thought of it? many people are stuck in what they call normality, following the same rules as the rest of the pack. They just want to fit in, or hide between the crowds;... Continue Reading →



It's amazing how words can affect us. Even though it has no physical impact on us. but the emotional impact words have, can achieve the highest effect which by turn could destroy your life or make elevate it. My career is all about words, how I can convince people to change, to develop themselves, and... Continue Reading →

2018 a journey through self “Part Two”

After going as fast as I could ever manage through the downhill towards the rock bottom. Not being able to stop, and silence took over for a while. nothing seemed interesting anymore. no more the crazy outrages dude, no more the drinking none stop, no more hooking up. Just me and the emotional roller-coaster accompanied... Continue Reading →

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